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Because Story is the key to being human

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash
Clip from Juneta Key interview on STOMP! podcast / using Descript software

Stories were a gift that Juneta Key learned from

As an only child, Juneta learned that stories were something she could turn to whenever she felt lonely. She read Gone With the Wind when she was seven years old.

Before long, her friends asked her to tell…


Fifty Word Challenge #59: ‘Butterfly Effect’

Dimorphic butterfly at Chicago Field Museum / photo taken by author 8/2021

Your existence is undeniable.

They is too remote.
An Other
I can never know.

Thee, Thou, Thy
a Trinity and Verity
I grasp and see.

Shall I recognize Thou?
Through your veil?

Perhaps by flutter?
As I stutter to understand
the truths of your existence.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

Because it’s International Podcast Day

Woman with listening to a sunflower in the field
Sunflower talking about the summer drought/ Picture by Author (margie pearl)

Our publication’s emblem is a sunflower

Last Saturday I dragged my husband to Rush City, Minnesota to take pictures of sunflowers for Middle-Pause. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy finding photos that work. This field was full of pollinators and humans.

Share your photos. People need joy in their life.

This farm was a blessing

The reason I can…

Some lessons on nurturing

Bee fly on yellow safety vest/ photo courtesy of Margie Pearl

It’s Labor Day and my summer job has almost ended. I’ve been outside interviewing visitors about their experience in local parks and trails.

I don’t know which has been more captivating? Hearing the stories or witnessing how people and animals move through the landscape.

Each day is unique

  • I’ve seen wild turkeys stop traffic…

Margie Pearl

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